Uber Or Lyft: Which One Would You Choose?


Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of two things and you must choose one even though the two are very good in that particular thing that you want to do.

At the time you intend to go with one of them, a distinct feature that the other have draw you back and the state of confusion steps in.

This is the state you find yourself when you contend on making a choice between Uber and Lyft companies. This is because they perform basically the same function with expertise.

It is noteworthy to say that both companies have the speed that everyone might need to process anything that has to do with vehicles and transportation.

Though the two companies shared lots of similarities, quite a number of factors differentiate them. These factors, as they are, have much impact on the passengers.



Therefore, it is therefore imperative that you understand these differences and maximize them for your interest.
It should be stressed that the two companies compete with each other if you look at the from the area of their charges. They charge almost the same price and it is very easy for users or subscribers to download their apps to their mobile phones and tablets.
Beside that, users make payment through their credit card upon which the link to download their apps are sent to users between five and ten minutes. One often wonders whether the two companies are run by the same board of directors.

Once the apps are installed on the car, the program starts working. It can either chat with the driver to announce its presence or take instruction.

However, most drivers do away with chatting and focus on another thing entirely. Of course, it pays at times to chat with the app because it kills boredom on the part of the driver and makes time to pass anyway.

Be that as it may, it is necessary to look into the differences in the products from the two companies so as to be able to make a reasonable inference as to which one should be more preferable to use.

In the area of remunerating drivers, Lyft pay more money to their drivers than what is done by Uber though the two companies charge almost the same fee from people who use their products.

Based on this, drivers of Lyft are more polite and responsive to the welfare of their passengers than their counterparts from the other company.

Of course, the fact that Lyft encourage tipping makes their drivers to be more hardworking and polite when they deal with their passengers.


Therefore, it is true because money triggers respect from people and Lyft drivers are not immune from that simple fact of nature.

On the other hand, drivers working with Uber are not allowed to be tipped and as such are too professional. They won’t show you unnecessary respect because you patronize the company they work for.

As a matter of fact, Uber always warn their drivers against being tipped and any driver found to have violated this provisions are sanctioned and punished.

To guide against tipping completely, Uber and rydely do inform their customers from time to time that the money for tipping has already been incorporated into the fare they pay into the account of the company.



Based on this, they won’t be willing to give any form of tip to any driver even if anyone ask them to do so. After all, no one is too stupid to pay for the same thing twice.

How they manage to stay in the business despite the fact that their drivers are not polite enough is because passengers pay a little lower than necessary since there is no need to tip the drivers again.

Of course, it is common for every right thinking member of the society to go to places where there is comparative reduction in the price at which certain services are rendered. Who would want to pay more for a service that is cheaper in another place?

As a matter of fact, if you ask any driver who has worked with the two companies, you will be made to know that these differences have huge impact and consequence on the passengers

Be that as it may, drivers working with Lyft know every linking road in the city more than their counterparts from Uber because they are often tipped to visit places not fully documented in the office.

By the virtue of the above condition, Lyft drivers become more familiar with the faster and smoother routes to passenger’s destinations.

In addition to the above points, the incentives that passengers give to Lyft drivers go a long way to help them give satisfaction to these passengers.

Of course, satisfaction is what makes a customer to come to the same station again when such service is needed. This is why companies meet the numerous demands of their customers so that they can continue to be in business. Otherwise, they go into extinction.


You cannot afford to ignore the level of respect that Lyft drivers accord their passengers. Of course, the difference in wages and benefits from tipping paved way for that great level of politeness.

Be that as it may, every driver working for Lyft understands that something will be exchanged with the high level of politeness that he gives his passenger. Therefore, he does everything with joy.

On the contrary, the Uber driver will never get even a glass of water except the wage he gets from his employer. To him, there is no point in being too polite or respectful to his passenger.

Be that as it may, where your choice lies is very obvious. However, there is every need that you consider your budget each time you need to choose between the two.

But if you are in a hurry to get to your destination as fast as you want, you should be ready to tip your way through. That means you must opt for Lyft but if time is not of any concern to you, make it a date with Uber.